Set of rules for moving in the column

Rule 1

Listen to the instructions of the column leaders. To ensure safe movement the column will be led by the marshals dressed in red t-shirts. The entire column will be divided into groups headed by the marshals. Try to follow the instructions and advices of the column leaders. From the movement of each member will depend the order of the whole column and well-being of each participant.

Rule 2

Keep your distance. Keep enough distance for stopping and maneuvering. Remember that the column is compressed on the narrow roads, the speed is reduced, and the risk of falling is higher. Be careful if you are riding in the middle of the column it will be difficult for people behind you to pass you.

Rule 3

Keep your speed even. The column will move with an even speed. Don’t try to get ahead of the column; it’s important to understand that VeloHora isn’t a competition!

Rule 4

Don’t try to get ahead and interfere in the column. An experienced cyclist moves evenly and straightforward without any sudden movements. It shows respect towards others. Spinning a wheel from side to side — is a bad taste.

Rule 5

Warn about your actions and about the danger on the road. When moving behind your fellow cyclist you won’t be able to see the road ahead. It means that you will notice the pit on the road or a broken glass just a few meters in front of you or already under your wheels. Therefore, the rule of etiquette requires cyclists to warn each other about the road surprises or their actions with a gesture or a voice.

Rule 6

Don’t stop abruptly. The person behind you almost doomed to crash into the person who stopped unexpectedly. He simply won’t have time to react.

Rule 7

If you are not confident enough – stay at the end of the column.

Rule 8

Don’t go to the oncoming lane or a sidewalk. There will be traffic moving on the oncoming lane. There will be enough space on the road, so don’t go on the sidewalks. Respect all the road users, including pedestrians.

Rule 9

On the last meters before the finish we are not getting ahead. VeloHora isn’t a race, but civilized ride. Participants come to the finish lane calmly, following the police car.

Let your friends know about your plans to go to VeloHora!